Thundershirts for Anxiety

If your hound has a fear of thunderstorms, one way to provide relief is with a Thundershirt.  These are basically tight fitting coats that apply a constant, calming pressure on the dog.  This same concept has been used successfully for years with other animals and even autistic children (pioneered by Temple Grandin.)

The Thundershirt isn’t just for storms, though.  It can be used for many situations involving loud noises, such as fireworks or parades, and for treating separation anxiety, travel anxiety, and hyperactivity.

Friends of ours purchased a Thundershirt from Brehon’s Pet Supply and had this to say about how well it worked for their Labrador:

Our eleven year old black lab is afraid of thunderstorms.  We have medicine we can give him for this, but often the storm is over before it takes effect. The Thundershirt calms him very quickly and effectively. In fact, when he hears thunder he goes to where we keep the shirt and waits for us to put it on him. He knows he’ll feel better with it on.

-Craig and Dottie in NY

They work for greyhounds too.  Bob Brehon of Brehon’s Pet Supply is an expert in outfitting your pet.  Give him a call, tell him him how big your hound is, and he can hook you up with a Thundershirt.  It may be exactly what you and your best friend need to get through stressful situations!

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