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Please copy and paste the following and email your answers to the questions as our application process:  Please complete all questions in order to be considered.

First and Last Name:

eMail address:

Street address/City/State/Zip:

Home phone:

Mobile phone:


Employer phone:

How did you hear about us?

Why do you want to own a greyhound?

What other pets do you own? If you own other dogs, please list their breeds, age, gender, and if they have been spayed or neutered.  Put N/A if you have no pets currently.

What pets have you had in the past? If they are still living, where are they now?

If you have ever adopted from another group or shelter, please list the name and phone number of the group(s).

Please list the number of people in the household.

If there are children in the household, please list their ages.

Are there any members of your household who have special needs or are bedridden?  If yes, please give details.

Single family home or apartment?

Own or rent?

If you do not own your home, will you obtain written permission from your landlord stating that you may have a greyhound on the premises before the adoption takes place?

Do you have a fenced-in yard?

If yes, please the describe fence type, height, and dimensions.

Is there a large, completely fenced in area nearby (e.g., baseball field) where you could allow the greyhound to run at will once or twice a week?

Do you plan to keep the greyhound indoors?

Where do you plan to keep the greyhound in your home?

Are there any stairs in your home that the Greyhound would have to navigate?  If yes, please describe the stairs (how many flights, how steep, etc.)

Approximately how many hours of the day will the greyhound be alone?

Are you able to provide the greyhound with access to a proper place to relieve itself at least 4 times a day?

Will you keep the greyhound on a leash at all times if not in a completely fenced-in area?

Do you promise never to leave your greyhound tied or chained outdoors?

When will you be ready to adopt a greyhound?

Are you prepared for the fact that it may take several weeks for the greyhound to adjust to your home?

Do you have a swimming pool, lake, pond or river near your yard?  If yes, please give details.

Will you allow a home visit by Hurry Home Hounds?  If no, please explain.

Do you promise to keep identification on the greyhound at all times?

Do you promise to notify Hurry Home Hounds if the greyhound should ever go missing?

Dogs will come to their new homes already spayed/neutered, with full vaccination and other medical services. In exchange for these medical services, we ask an adoption fee of $250.00. This fee is non-refundable. Are you willing to pay the adoption fee?

Do you agree to return the greyhound to Hurry Home Hounds if you can no longer care for the dog?

Are you aware that this dog’s career as a racer is over and you will not be able to re-activate that career?

May we contact you after the adoption to inquire about how your dog is getting along in your home?

Please list your veterinarian’s name, address and phone number.

Please list your personal references who have known you for more than two years. If your greyhound becomes lost, we will also inform these contacts if we are unable to reach you.

Do you understand and agree that your ownership of the greyhound will be subject to the conditions of this application and that no future claim or liability will be brought against Hurry Home Hounds, its agents, or the greyhound’s previous owners?

(Please sign or type your name under this statement):

I hereby certify that all the information contained on this application is true and correct.

By typing/signing your name, you acknowledge that all of the information in this application is true and accurate. If any information is found to be false or inaccurate, Hurry Home Hounds has the right to decline the application.


You can expect to receive a call from a Hurry Home Hounds representative within 2 days of your application submission. If you have questions before then, please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in bringing a retired racing greyhound into your home. If you are unable to complete the application below please send a request to and we will send you the application to you via email  

Pet adoptions are a serious and long-term commitment. For this reason, Hurry Home Hounds designed the following application to evaluate potential adopters, as well as educate them on the responsibilities of greyhound ownership. Don’t be discouraged if we say that it is not the right greyhound for you. Our goal is to place each greyhound in a loving and permanent home.

All of our adoptions are guaranteed, and if you do not find the grey to be what you wanted you are welcome to bring it back.  In fact, we insist that you bring it back. At that time we will look for a more appropriate greyhound for you and a more appropriate home for the dog.

We think there is a hound for every home and we will work with you until we find it.

There is a non-refundable adoption fee of $250.00. This adoption fee includes:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Worming
  • DHLPP and Rabies Vaccinations
  • Nail Trim
  • Teeth Cleaning



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